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How to Increase Your Hotel's Occupancy Rate

The occupancy rate is a widely tracked metric in the hospitality industry and an important metric for any hotel. One of the first steps in measuring the performance of your hotel is by looking at its occupancy rate.

Top Hotel Web Advertising Tips for 2019

In an era of ever growing competition, hoteliers need to use multiple web marketing and advertising opportunities to optimize revenue streams. Here is a list of three simple tips you can follow to implement an effective web marketing strategy for your brand.

A Better Hotel Booking System for Wix

The Internet market for cloud-based WYSIWYG website builders has matured over the past decade. It is now more accessible than ever with a wide variety of choice presented to the potential user.

What is The Best Booking Engine for Modern Hotels

Using a booking engine can increase your direct bookings and help cut back on commission fees. What is a booking engine? A hotel booking engine is a web application that you can place on your website to receive and process on-line reservations.