Direct bookings to maximise your earnings

The Bedvine online booking system lets you sell your hotel rooms directly from your own website, without any commission fees.

Unlike major distribution platforms, you keep full control of the entire booking process and your hotel guests are your own customers.

You will retain more of your revenue and you can offer special rates to your existing customers to encourage repeat visits.

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Room types and room rates

The hotel booking system has modular pricing features with multi-currency support. Your room rates structure can be as complex as you wish. Or you can decide to keep things simple.

You can set different rates for the same room types, link rates between each other and setup any combination of restrictions applicable to those rates.

You can also offer special promotional rates hidden behind promo codes to your VIP customers.

Easy to use and integrate

The service is very easy to integrate to your existing website. The pages served are fully responsive which means you can receive bookings via mobiles, tablets and computers.

You can also host your hotel and room photos, list your property's essential information and amenities, and show your location on Google Maps.

The hotel room booking software is entirely cloud-based. There is no expensive hardware to run or software to install, and our support team is only a quick email away.

Two step quick booking process

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