What is The Best Booking Engine for Modern Hotels

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Using a booking engine can increase your direct bookings and help cut back on commission fees.

What is a booking engine?

A hotel booking engine is a web application that you can place on your website to receive and process on-line reservations.

You can also use a booking engine to receive reservations via social media and social travel websites, like TripAdvisor and Yelp.

What are the main benefits of using a booking engine on my hotel website?

  • You will reduce or eliminate all commission fees

  • You keep control of the entire marketing channel allowing you to crosssell or upsell your guests, before, during, and after their stay

  • You can be more efficient by cutting the workload for the front desk staff, allowing them to focus more on serving guests at the hotel

What features does a booking engine need to have?

  • It should let you customise the UI of the booking pages to the look and feel of your hotel’s website for maximum user experience

  • It should support multiple languages and multiple currencies to simplify the booking process and minimize friction for international audiences

  • It needs to be responsive so you can receive reservations from mobiles, tablets and computers

  • It needs to support upselling and cross-selling of products and services, such as room upgrades, special packages, or airport pick-ups

  • It should offer personalised emails to communicate with your guests

  • It should support a variety of payment processing options

  • It should provide web analytics of the entire booking funnel to easily identify pages that need improvement to increase conversions

What is the best booking engine for trendy hotels?

We believe that’s Bedvine’s hotel booking engine used by many SME hoteliers across the world. Watch a product demo video.

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